Economic Development

The NCAN Economic Development Committee is led by Amelia Xann and Jacque Kilpatrick.

The purpose of this committee is to explore how to connect and enhance the Arts with Civic and Business partners in North County.

  • Arts Summit
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Countywide collaborations
  • Goals of SD North Economic Dev. Council Partnership
  • Arts Economic Prosperity Summit Considerations
  • Building Advocacy Campaign & Partnerships with civic & corporate/business communities
  • Sustainable Funding Methodologies for the arts community (i.e., TOT, 1% fees; Pennies for the Arts, Round-Up)
  • Technical Assistance for Arts Organizational Fundraising (i.e., Legacy Society dev., board development, successful fundraising strategies/planning)
  • Funding Strategies/Initiatives for North County arts community
    • Internal Regional Fundraising Opportunities
    • External Fundraising Opportunities (state, national, foundation)
  • Arts Funder Forums
  • Arts Regrant Program Development

How you can be involved:

To see more details about the organizations that are working with NCAN, take a look at the Directory.