This section list frequently asked questions to help to our visitors make the most of the NCAN website.

PLEASE NOTE:  to get Help for Directory Resources and Artist/Performers who are listed in the NCAN directory please go to the HELP page. 

What is contained on the HOME page?

  • A top menu bar that leads to other areas of the site
  • A changing sliding banner of images that reflect both the visual and performing arts.
  • A search for events by key word that takes you to our calendar
  • A featured event that is upcoming
  • The next 3 upcoming events
  • A call for action to list in our directory, list events, opportunities and blog post
  • A mission and vision statement
  • A request to join our mailing list
  • Some of our key sponsors
  • A short digest of our upcoming and past events and blog post.

How do I find out more about NCAN?

Go to the ABOUT section to find out more about our history, vision, mission and a list of our priorities.  Meet our Steering Committee an go more in depth to the research on the needs of the arts community in North County.

How do I use the DIRECTORY search?

To find visual arts resources including visual and performing artists in North County San Diego use the DIRECTORY. You can search in four main areas: categories, type of art, organization name and contact/artist name. Click on the name to see full details of the listing.

How do I find arts and culture Events in North County?

  • For a quick look at what is happening from the HOME page see the featured events and three upcoming events or do a quick search with a key word.
  • From the EVENTS CALENDAR, Just click any events title on any day of the month view calendar to see full details. If you mouse over the event, you can see a short version. You can also arrange the calendar by month, day or list layouts. You can even search by image.
  • You can refine your search using a keyword, by date or by location.
  • There is also a small calendar of the current month on many pages of the site on the right column.

How can I get more involved with arts and culture events in North County?

  • Make sure you join our MAILING LIST to be sent messages about special NCAN events.
  • Send us a MESSAGE to give us feedback about NCAN.
  • Attend EVENTS that you find on NCAN’s EVENTS CALENDAR

How do I become more involved by giving of my time as a volunteer or in paid OPPORTUNITY?

On the top menu bar go to MORE and then  OPPORTUNITY. You can search by age group, position or keyword.

How can I stay up to date about arts and culture news?

  • Go to the top menu bar to MORE and you can see posting by NCAN staff and our resources in our LOUD and CLEAR blog post pages. Click on any image or article to read the entire text.
  • Make sure you join our MAILING LIST to be sent messages about special NCAN events.

How else can I see information on the NCAN site?

  • You can explore the Top Menu bar on all of our pages.
  • You can also explore the Right Menu bar on the site to see this month’s calendar, a list of the today’s events, and a list of recent blog posts.  
  • The Bottom Information bar also gives you a list of upcoming and past events and recent posts.
  • Look at our  list of local, state and national Resources that are helpful to our arts and culture community