Strategic Planning – 02.08.2019

Strategic Planning – 02.08.2019

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NCAN Strategic Planning Minutes
Museum of Making Music


Friday, February 8th, 2019


At the Strategic Planning Retreat for 2019, the team focused on defining our audience and determining the needs of that audience. The audience was defined as Makers, Producers and Presenters of the Arts and the needs were boiled down to Building, Strengthening and Sharing.

The team discussed what other organizations might be serving the needs of our audience, with an eye toward partnerships and leveraging services that already exist, as well as a number of options to consider regarding funding the organization.

The following Committees were established:

  1. Building = Operational, with the initial focus on exploring NCAN as a 501(c)(3) organization to be able to take advantage of more funding and partnership opportunities.
  2. Strengthening = Communication / Collaboration / Connecting, which will determine how to connect how art Makers, Producers and Presenters to each other to strengthen the art community as a whole.
  3. Sharing = Regional / Promotion, which will explore marketing partnership opportunities and accessing audience segments that are currently missed in art outreach.

Sterling Anno, Drew Cady, John Campbell, Amanda Ecoff, Patricia Frischer , Jim Gilliam, Alex Goodman, Carolyn Grant, Maria Mingalone, Naomi Nussbaum, Brigid Parsons, Michael Rennie, Richard Schultz, Kristi Stone

Detailed Minutes

  1. Intro – Why are you willing to spend 5 hours here today?
    1. NCAN’s original vision is spearheading the creation of a San Diego County Arts Council
    2. North County is rich in the arts, which is appreciated by non-artists.
    3. We need one voice in North County, uniting different voices and agendas
    4. Impact of the Arts to Community
    5. Role of organization and effectiveness
    6. North County Arts as made up of individuals, organizations, communities and government entities
    7. Must be focused, effective and worthwhile
    8. Make North County the creative capital of the world – we have the raw materials
    9. Leadership in Arts / Arts Council
    10. North County pilot program to expand to the rest of the county
    11. Support local organizations and artists
    12. Affordable space for artists in North County
    13. Make case to city leadership that NCAN represents the arts community
    14. Connection of culture to business
    15. Connection of needs and resources to fulfill those needs
    16. Intersection of the arts and radical social change
    17. Assist in guiding North County in overcoming current social cataclysmic circumstance via the arts
    18. Central location to know what is going on in the arts
    19. Curiosity on what can be accomplished
    20. Develop focus around group
    21. North County is marginalized by county resources, inland North County even more so
    22. NCAN should facilitate connection of partners
    23. Take initiative for enable collaboration and inclusion in the arts
    24. Showcasing and sharing of the arts
    25. Enable public familiarity of arts and connectivity opportunities
    26. So much potential
    27. We need to focus and then hit the gas pedal
  2. Survey Results
    1. I Currently Use NCAN For…
    2. I Would Like NCAN To…
    3. Other Suggestions
  3. Goal of retreat is to clearly define purpose specifically for 2019
  4. Define our audience
    1. Discussion
      1. Audience building as strategy
      2. Internal vs external focus for NCAN
      3. Customers of NCAN as arts community
      4. Possibly use Chamber of Commerce as model, with focus on organizations
      5. Previous goal – one arts calendar with all arts organizations listing – could be NCAN’s or someone else’s = public as audience
      6. Focus on audience of artists, art organizations and art makers
      7. Strengthen NCAN internally, possibly become 501(c)(3)
      8. Develop board that includes other points of view, e.g. businesses
      9. Calendar of services and events for organizations, e.g. grant workshop, board development workshop
      10. NCAN as a service organization
      11. Clearing house for organizations and events
      12. Share the economic potential of the arts with other entities
      13. Should we function as a trade organization? e.g. California Presenters
      14. Should we provide a listserv resource?
      15. Focus on connectivity instead of audience marketing for an organization or event
      16. Do marketing for the region, aggregating arts organizations and opportunities, e.g. Sunset magazine article about the region, PSA
    2. Possible Audiences
      1. Artists
        1. Partnering resources
        2. Funding opportunities
        3. Art presentation opportunities
        4. Grant information
      2. Established Arts Organizations
        1. Audience development
        2. Marketing opportunities
        3. Professional development
        4. Remove barriers
      3. Public
        1. Event calendar
      4. Government / Civic Leadership
        1. Advocacy
        2. Assisting artists/organizations in accessing civic opportunities
      5. The underserved
      6. The underengaged
      7. Emerging Arts Organizations
      8. Educational Institutions
      9. Economic Drivers of the Arts
        1. Funders, etc
      10. Rising Arts Leaders
      11. Volunteers
    3. Summarized:
      1. NCAN serves Makers, Producers and Presenters in/of the Arts
  5. Top needs of our audiences
    1. Discussion
      1. Resources
      2. Partners
      3. Opportunities
      4. Funding, grants
      5. Professional development
      6. Facilities
      7. Collaboration
      8. Quality ratings
      9. Mentorship
      10. Recognition
      11. Advocacy
      12. Capacity building
      13. Audience development
      14. Event / Organization marketing
      15. Volunteers
    2. Defer to future / Parking lot
      1. Quality ratings
      2. Recognition
    3. Summary:
      1. Building
        1. Nonprofit – 501(c)(3) or 6
        2. Revised Mission and Vision
        3. Board development: Executive + Advisory
        4. Staffing
      2. Strengthening / Resources
        1. Communication
        2. Collaboration
        3. Partners
        4. Opportunities
        5. Facilities
        6. Resources
        7. Listserv capability
      3. Sharing
        1. Regional marketing
        2. Accessing missed demographic audience segments
  6. Other organizations that are currently addressing needs / Opportunities for partners and alliances:
    1. Volunteers: HandsOn
    2. Professional development: AFP
    3. Mentorship: AFP, NCPC
    4. Recognition: AFP, NCPC, SDRACC
    5. Advocacy: SDRACC
    6. Funding / Grants
    7. Tourism: San Diego Tourism Authority
  7. How do we fund our goals?
    1. Fee based Membership Discussion
      1. Makes sense to ensure steady and predictable cash flow
      2. But at this time, we do not have significant benefits that justify it
      3. Revisit when benefits are clear
    2. Fees for Executive Board
    3. Possibly introduce “Founding Member” donation model for 2019
    4. Donations
    5. Marquee fund raising event
    6. Grants
      1. City of Carlsbad (ok if have fiscal agent)
      2. CAC – capacity building
      3. City of Encinitas – must be 501(c)(3)
      4. County Supervisor grants (CE and NRP)
      5. 501(c)(3)
        1. One of the best sources of funding is grants, and being a 501(c)(3) opens up more opportunities
        2. Suggestion: once NCAN is a 501(c)(3), the County Supervisors may be approached to declare NCAN as the de-facto San Diego County arts council, at which point monies from California Arts Council become available as CAC will recognize us as a local arts council.
  8. Define Committees
    1. Operational Committee
      1. Define focus and goals based on 5.c.i: Building
      2. Members : Jim, Richard, Carolyn, Brigid
    2. Communication / Collaboration
      1. Define focus and goals based on 5.c.ii: Strengthening / Resources
      2. Members: Michael, Alex, Sterling, Kristi
    3. Regional / Sharing
      1. Define focus and goals based on 5.c.iii: Sharing
      2. Members: Kristi, Naomi, Maria
  9. Committees will report back in 30 days


  • AFP – Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • CAC – California Arts Council
  • HandsOn
  • NCPC – North County Philanthropy Council
  • San Diego County Supervisor grants:
    • Community Enhancement grants (CE)
      • Deadline March 1
      • “Community Enhancement Program funds shall be allocated to cultural activities, museums, visitor and convention bureaus, economic development councils, other similar institutions/organizations, including County programs and projects, which promote and generate tourism and/or economic development both at the regional and community levels throughout San Diego County.”
      • “The goal of Community Enhancement Program funding shall be to stimulate tourism, promote the economy, create jobs, and/or a better quality of life.”
    • Neighborhood Reinvestment Program (NRP)
      • Awarded throughout the year
      • “The Neighborhood Reinvestment Program provides grant funds to County departments, public agencies, and to non-profit community organizations for one-time community, social, environmental, educational, cultural or recreational needs.”
      • “To be eligible, non-profit entities must provide services in one or more of the following areas; educational/recreational projects for children and/or adults; local business and tourism promotional activities; arts and cultural programs; environmental awareness programs or projects, including maintaining and increasing open space holdings; public safety programs including fire protection projects; or health and social service initiatives and programs.”
  • SDRAC – San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition
  • San Diego Tourism Authority