New Ways to Accomplish Social Change

New Ways to Accomplish Social Change

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EmcArts is pleased to shareit’s newest published article on the intersection of artistic practice and community change, which appears in the Fall 2017 edition of the Grantmakers in the Arts Reader.

The article, “The Artistry of Systemic Change: New Roles Emerging for Teaching Artists – New Ways to Accomplish Social Change” is written by EmcArts President Richard Evans, along with pioneering teaching artist Eric Booth.

It documents what we have learned so far from our Community Innovation Labs about the role artists can play in community change efforts, as well as outlining five human capabilities that we have found to be central to both social change and the artistic process:

  1. Being able to work with the surprises of interdependence and unpredictability
  2. Being able to weave new networks and make imaginative connections
  3. Being able to let go of advance planning in favor of experimentation and discovery
  4. Being able to make generative use of sustained uncertainty
  5. Being able to rehearse new pathways and dispassionately let go of our favorite ideas

Image credit; Artist Facilitator Constance WhiteIformally of SD) leads Community Innovation Lab Dallas participants through making clay pots – symbolizing the molding of ideas that transform from one substance to the next