Executive Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 06.24.2016

Executive Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 06.24.2016

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Executive Committee Meeting
Encinitas City Hall
505 S. Vulcan, Encinitas CA 92024




Friday, June 24, 2016, 1:00-3:15pm

Attendees: Daniel Foster, Naomi Nussbaum, Jim Gilliam, Patricia Frischer, Elizabeth Castillo, Amelia Xann, Brigid Parsons

  1. General
    1. Should hear in the beginning of July whether NCAN received a Community Enhancement Grant
  2. August 18 Quarterly Event discussion
    1. Discussed using World Café methodology, explained by Elizabeth Castillo
      1. tables of 4 or 5 people each, consistent questions, ability to track feedback
    2. World cafe sessions à la speed dating at Art Beat on Main Street, then summary/results presentation at AVO Playhouse
    3. Discussed possible results/questions, boiled down to collaboration
      1. how has NCAN connected you with collaborators?
      2. who do you want to collaborate with?
      3. what do you want to get out of collaboration?
        1. Daniel has results from meeting last year that would give us a jump start on this
    4. Be able to show/track input/feedback/activities online in real time
    5. Build social media into all aspects of event
    6. Have takeaway that describes social media channels, how to access, how to activate with NCAN
  3. Possible Candidate’s Forum
    1. Plan for early/mid October between Dave Roberts and Kristin Gaspar
    2. Creative Communities topic
    3. Engage League of Women Voters as moderator?
    4. Need to confirm candidate and moderator interest, and nail down venue
  4. Arts Summit
    1. Set for Thursday June 8, 2017 at CSUSM
    2. Went over goals, possible speakers, expenses and structure
    3. Need to develop “fast pitch” statement of what/who/why
  5. Mapping / Directory of North County Resources
    1. Report on Daniel’s trip to San Bernardino
      1. ESRI donates software, but not support or customizations
    2. Possibility of engaging a CSUSM senior project in the fall
    3. Estimated 190 non profit arts organizations in North County (from USD SOLES)
    4. Directory currently has approx 200 entries, but need to make sure all relevant info is captured, including reach to help with marketing partnership efforts.
  6. Committees
    1. Civic Arts
      1. Arts Commissioners Workshop scheduled for Oct 1, with the theme of ‘How to Become and Advocate for the Arts’
      2. best practices, arts master plans, etc
    2. Communications
      1. newly minted co-chairs: Carolyn Grant, Maggie Chiaro, Brigid Parsons
      2. need to come up and distribute guidelines on how NCAN members can announce events, share documentation and best practices via NCAN tools
      3. need to formalize and make consistent NCAN’s publicity and media efforts
    3. Economic Development
      1. newly minted co-chairs: Amelia Xann, Jacque Kilpatrick
      2. focus on Arts Summit
    4. Education
      1. no report
    5. Performing Arts
      1. see minutes of meeting
    6. Visual Arts
      1. Looking Glass project received funding – grant of $5000
      2. meeting scheduled for Sunday
  7. Adjournment


  1. Add Arts Summit to NCAN Events Calendar – Brigid
  2. Add Arts Commissioners Workshop to NCAN Events Calendar – Brigid
  3. Pass ‘how I want to collaborate’ survey results from previous NCAN meeting to Brigid – Daniel
  4. Plan August event – Communications committee chairs
  5. Initial Candidate Forum event recon – Daniel, Jim
  6. Look into ESRI to see if it might be useful – Brigid
  7. Send spreadsheet of current directory entries to Executive Committee – Brigid
  8. Send template for bulk-adding directory entries to Executive Committee – Brigid
  9. Create and disseminate meeting minutes – Brigid