Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 06.17.2016

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 06.17.2016

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Communications Committee Meeting
Art Beat on Main Street
330 Main Street, Vista, CA 92084



Friday, June 17, 2016, 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Attendance: Daniel Foster, Gailee Walker Wells, Carolyn Grant, Brigid Parsons

  • Next NCAN Quarterly Event will be held on August 18 in Vista. Expected for networking hour at Art Beat on Main Street: Elizabeth Castillo will introduce a Networking Cafe model. Subject of program will be set at the Steering Committee on
  • Discussion around mapping effort
    • Daniel did some fact finding with the Arts Council of San Bernardino who is doing a similar effort
    • We should be able to leverage other groups that have lists, like the County Commissioners, San Diego Foundation, etc
    • Idea to engage student project at CSUSM
    • Daniel will spearhead effort
  • Waiting to hear result of Community Enhancement Grant application from the County Commission
  • We need to drive NCAN partners to use NCAN social media more
  • Discussion on how to promote events more effectively
    • need to establish definitive list of contacts at San Diego media outlets: UT, KPBS, Coast News, KUSI, Voice of San Diego, San Diego Reader, etc
    • contact Jim Gilliam for resource
  • San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition had a Media Arts panel in January, suggestion that we should sponsor a North County version.
  • Discussed cross-promotion
    • rack cards for organizations in NCAN, in the larger institutions – possibly provide sponsored ‘brought to you by NCAN’ racks
    • add slip-in sheets for handouts at performances and events to cross-promote simlar, or complimentary, events
    • engage the concierge and tourism offices
  • Discussed options for chairmanship of this committee
    • decided on Carolyn, Brigid and Maggie (pending her acceptance)
    • they will meet in 3 weeks and set the next meeting
  • (after meeting) decided to change the name of the committee from ‘Marketing for the Arts’ to ‘Communications’