Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes – 04.18.2016

Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes – 04.18.2016

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Visual Arts Committee Meeting
Home of Patricia Frischer
2487 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007



Monday, April 18, 2016, 5:30 pm


Sending regrets:

The following are personal updates from each of those present

Patricia Frischer

Julia Gray will be appearing at the Foodie Fest on May 21 at Lumberyard in Encinitas from 11 to 4 pm. One of her sculptures is being auctioned off.  Also she is showing also on May 21 with Encinitas Library opening from 1 to 4. Her work can be seen in Brooks Theater Gallery in Oceanside.

Janine Free is showing at the Intersections Digital Art Show at City College Gallery until Thur April 21. Her work can also be seen at the Luxe Gallery in V Building of City College as part of the photography department. Janine is off to France this week to follow her passion for street photography.

Ryan F Jefferies besides his own gallery Anonymous gives tutorial about video art collecting and video art as public art. His project Change in Motion is now a Non-profit which concentrates on video install component affection change in a particular area. By activating new media installations we can engage a younger audience in contemporary art while inspiring and educating them to want to make a difference.

Brett Haydn Reisdorf is a brand new foster father to 5 months old Reon. He is looking for small computer space office as the new baby is now crowded out his old space. His project Art West of the Transverse Range uses rescued materials to make upcycled object relating to the environment and nature. .

  1. Looking Glass Action itemsRyan: Demonstrated 6 different sample of the film and showed us the new Infocus Light Pro: model #IN1146 projector. He managed to score one of these $800 projectors, slightly used, for $145. Action Once we know the location, he can recommend a tripod for wall mounting or a pole for sealing mounting of the projector which entails a brace. We will need a three man crew to install the film, with ladders but the only equipment is a squeegeeJulia: Action Once we choose a space we will need to contact the individual city to check regulations. She did ask and we can use the logo of NCAN and SDVAN as producers of the project, but can’t mention any sponsors.Brett: Showed us a sample mock up on the Battiata property. Action He will give us a summary of the Meetup website and Action explore existing meetups for the arts. Action His neighbor is Mayor of Solana Beach and he will ask him what he thinks of this project possibly at Battiata. Battiata bld 1 image.Janine: The Looking Glass Project name is not trademarked so we should be able to use it. But the website name is taken. We will have to be inventive and use a website name like Janine did a very helpful set of photos of possible locations along 101 from Solana Beach through Leucadia. The one we liked best so far is the building where the French Corner Café is located at 1200 North Coast Hwy.101 Encinitas CA 92024. Action Janine knows the owner and will feel her out for interest in the project. This can be used as a test presentation to see what questions might come up. Action Janine will also look along the 5, 78 and 15 highways for a good site which might have a higher density of viewers.

    Patricia: We have an excellent chance of getting a $5000 grant. Action Once we have the check we can start looking for deals on projectors.  Action We need to finalize a budget adding in the expense of the film, tripod or rod installation cost and electrical wiring. We will need to arrange for the installation crew. Action  Done The incorporated cities in North County. coastal cities are Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas (Cardiff, Leucadia Olivenhain), Del Mar, Solana Beach, and inland cities are Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido, Fallbrook, San Marcos, Poway, Valley Center, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos Brigid Action: Should these cities be listed on the NCAN website in the about section with a note that there are also a host of unincorporated cities? Action Done

    ALL: Action We need to start looking at the selection process of artist and the 12 possible themes for show. Please send suggestions. Each theme but with different artists will be at all venues at the same time to lessen confusion and aid PR generations.
    We have started to compile Criteria for choosing artists:

    • Work must shows well in this medium and be a good use of the medium.
    • It should be digestible and not controversial.
    • Color and/or contrast will be important,
    • Work especially made for the site will be encouraged.
    • Submission will be by usb drive or digital files of gifs and standard movie files with the ability to loop.
    • Static works should be in slide show loops with transitions or more than 4 seconds.
    • The images should not flash and should not radiate ultra bright light which might be in competition with traffic signals.
    • Dimension have to be determined, but suggested is 300 dpi images. Space on the final view will be allowed for artist names and logos of NCAN and SDVAN
    • At least one artist from North County must be involved in the collaboration for the submission.

    Action We need an artist liaison to be involved in the collaboration for the submissions.

  2. Mapping and Meet ups: Brett: Showed us a sample mock up on the Battiata property (attached). He has now sent me a summary of the Meetup website as follows: “Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities. Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference. I easily downloaded the app for free on my phone, created a profile with whatever name I wanted displayed and whatever picture (or no picture) for my profile image. Then I was prompted with questions regarding my interests. Of course Arts and Culture was an option and once selected the search becomes more refined with even more specific interests in the arts. I suggest that people in San Diego will be guided to the North Country Arts Network meetup group based on their location. I feel that posting our mission statement and having our meetings with a date and description would catch the interest of many, many more art community members here locally. “Action explore existing meetups for the arts.
    Brigid: Action, can you set up a group for NCAN as part of our social networking and add a link to it on the website?
    Action will be sharing info from steering committee on Mapping including report from Danielle Giudici-Wallis of arts council San Bernardino County with an online system for mapping. Action Once we have this Patricia will distribute it.   We may also work with  CSU San Marcos marketing department that does targeted projects like this during their Sept. academic year.
  3. Remember:
    Action Arts Education in San Diego  Wedn. May 11, 5 to 6 pm networking reception at the Muramid Museum and Art Center at 212-F Artist Alley, Oceanside 6 pm, then  program at the Brooks Theater at 217 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside RSVP for this free event:  Daniel Foster
    See full minutes of the last steering committee meeting at 
  4. Action All: Announcing voting app for SD Art Prize and how we might incorporate this, Please check out the test site on your cell phone and give me any feedback you can. Go to This was demonstrated at the meeting.
  5. Defining the New Art Patron Seminar/Conference – scheduled for 2017… Action done see notes attached.
  6. All other suggestions of project will be considered. We encourage everyone to email in put on this document and we welcome suggestions.