Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – 04.18.2016

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – 04.18.2016

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Executive Committee Meeting
Encinitas City Hall
505 S. Vulcan, Encinitas CA 92024




Monday, April 18, 2016, 11:00am-1:00pm

Attendees: Daniel Foster, Naomi Nussbaum, Patricia Frischer, Jim Gilliam, Vince Gilliam, Brigid Parsons

  1. Funding Discussion
    1. Community Engagement grant received and confirmed by County
    2. Since organization is in formative stages, seems like volunteer roundtable project-oriented organization should be pursued instead of nonprofit model, with significant fundraising needed.
    3. Long term goal to get a seat at the table at the county level.
    4. Need to define funding requirements for quarterly convening, and committee projects.
    5. Need to pursue grant monies
  2. Steering Committee Discussion
    1. membership should be committee co-chairs plus key individuals
    2. members need to be committed, show up and take on projects
    3. committee should be collaborative with no single leader
    4. tangible projects should be pursued
      1. Arts Summit
      2. mapping/directory
      3. website
      4. quarterly convening
      5. Looking Glass project via Visual Arts Committee
  3. Committees
    1. General
      1. Committee as resource for questions, issues, how to answer questions
      2. How to attract motivated contributing people to committees
      3. Connectedness is important
    2. Civic Arts
      1. special meeting for Arts Commissioners planned in the fall, including best practices, funding, activating and integrating arts commissioners
      2. Oceanside city effort
    3. Economic Development
      1. needs leadership; Daniel will pursue
      2. re-title group
    4. Education
      1. point for next quarterly convening
    5. Marketing
      1. needs leadership; Brigid will pursue
      2. mapping/directory
        1. need point person
        2. need to ask each city’s resources to get lists
        3. find out is USD nonprofit center would be helpful
        4. share San Bernardino methodology, best practices
      3. website
        1. define audience, needs
    6. Performing Arts
      1. meeting next week
    7. Visual Arts
      1. meeting tomorrow
      2. Looking Glass project including funding
      3. looking into meetup groups and activities
      4. mapping requirements
  4. Quarterly Meeting
    1. 5-minute status from each committee
    2. rotate responsibility around each committee, so no visible individual leader
  5. Arts Summit
    1. define audience: cultural tourism, civic leaders, business leaders
    2. define benefits
    3. present best practices
  6. General Issues
    1. How to serve members better
    2. Decentralized model
    3. look into alternative networking tools – meetup.com, listserv, surveys, etc
  7. Adjournment


  1. Scan and file County Community Enhancement grant application confirmation – Brigid
  2. Send previous Steering Committee membership to team to get feedback – Brigid
  3. Finalize name for Funding/Econ Dev committee – Daniel
  4. Remind co-chairs of committees to submit minutes – Brigid
  5. Procure and disseminate mapping/directory best practices – Daniel
  6. Firm up Marketing committee leadership, including website and mapping projects – Brigid
  7. Put together list of NCAN roles with suggested volunteer/paid status – Brigid
  8. Create and disseminate meeting minutes – Brigid