Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 02.18.2016

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 02.18.2016

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Steering Committee Meeting
Art Beat on Main Street
330 Main Street, Vista, CA 92084




Thursday, February 18, 2016, 1:00-3:00 pm

Attendees: Daniel Foster, Naomi Nussbaum, Patricia Frischer, Jim Gilliam, Carolyn Grant, Brigid Parsons, Rich Stergulz, Leslie Sweetland, Margaret Chiaro, Elizabeth Castilla, Robert Mance, Amelia Xann

  1. Overall updates on NCAN
    • Approximately 80 attendees for Quarterly Meeting on 1/21 at Poway Center for the Arts, Funders of the Arts agenda; 2 musicians at end of program was a nice touch – should try to do something similar in the future
    • Lots of progress so far: research on Arts Council models, media coverage, meeting with LA Arts Commission, funding options being explored, stand alone non profit vs civic organizational umbrella being explored
  2. Funding and Capacity Building of NCAN and Key Projects
    1. NCAN Website Project
      • Kate and Brigid put together a very basic website (
      • Blog on website for now will be updated by Brigid and committee heads
      • Social Media channels set up (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) but need to be maintained. How to decide what should be in these channels? Give someone the responsibility and then just correct as necessary, instead of defining guidelines by committee. Margaret volunteered to add events submitted by NCAN supporters to Facebook. Brigid will send out a notice about the website and social media channels to let people know that their events could be shared.
      • Website project is essentially 2 projects that can be pursued concurrently:
        • NCAN community audience – mapping organizations and resources
          • can start now, ask NCAN supporters for info and add to
        • marketing to public audience – art events and resources: needs more research into what tools would be best; need funding; possibility of using Artsopolis framework previously initiated (Snorkl), partnering with KPBS, create from scratch, other.
      • need to pursue funding – current ideas include County Supervisor grants, CA Arts Council grants
      • Committee meeting dates/times and minutes should be sent to Brigid to post on website (
    2. NCAN Mapping & Data Research
      • Need to decide what platform will be used for public-facing resources (profiles of services, event calendar, etc) versus networking resources for NCAN supporters
      • Decided to move forward with mapping organizations and resources by asking NCAN supporters for info and add to via online submission form
      • Other places to get data of arts community:
        • Jim Gilliam spreadsheet
        • Patricia Frischer spreadsheet
        • Snorkl spreadsheet (received after last meeting)
        • County Supervisors
        • Vincent Kitch
        • city Parks and Rec departments
      • Mapping committee volunteers: Brigid Parsons, Margaret Chiaro, Daniel Foster
      • Possibility of asking CSUSM to do a research project to do complete mapping
    3. NCAN/SDNEDC (San Diego North Economic Development Council) Arts Economic Prosperity Summit
      1. Form an ad hoc Summit Committee
      2. CSUSM or CCAE as venues
        • early 2017
        • need to pursue funding
        • possibility of partnership with San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition
        • split Funding and Economic Development Committee into 2 – one to focus on Funding and the other on the Summit
        • involve performance and visual art in the summit
        • focus on destination marketing and cultural tourism, economic value of the arts to North County
        • engage business, civic, cultural, education and health leaders
        • need to decide on length: 1/2 day, 3/4 day, full day, 2 day?
    4. NCAN Committee Updates: upcoming meetings; priorities of committee projects; dividing the Arts Funding/Economic Dev Committee
      • committees all met in December, upcoming meetings in the next month
      • will post meetings on website and Facebook calendars,
    5. April Quarterly NCAN Event & Program
      • summary of NCAN Social Media and website progress
      • Arts and Innovation Education – spearheaded by Arts Education Committee Co-Chairs
      • venue options: AVO/Moonlight in Vista, Museum of Making Music
    6. 2016 NCAN Quarterly Event Program Considerations
      • Talk on different models for Arts Councils – decided more appropriate for Steering Committee instead of Quarterly Meeting
      • Arts and Innovation Education
      • Social Media
      • Advocacy with both business and civic leaders
      • Candidate forum before election – possibly in collaboration with The San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition (SDRACC) – decided more appropriate as stand-alone forum separate from Quarterly Meeting
      • Focus on Collaboration
      • World Cafe Model – similar to speed dating – Targeted for July Meeting
      • Audience building, engaging new art patrons and participants
      • Intentional Networking and Community Building
      • Committee Co-Chairs that are relevant to the topic should take the lead in preparing the agenda, format and speakers
    7. NCAN Values, Priorities, and Strategic Planning
      • networking
      • building of community within North County art sector, including corporate, civic and non profit elements
      • mapping of organizations and resources within North County art sector (audience = North County art sector)
      • art events calendar and resources, marketing (audience = public)
      • considerations of role of organization in North County versus county wide marketing/resources
    8. NCAN Organizational Formation Priorities/Considerations
      • Options discussed include becoming 501(c)(3) and coming under the umbrella of the county
      • Decided to explore being under the umbrella of the county, though the timeframe is longer and undetermined,  as that would be a more consistent revenue stream via public funding and potentially better partnership opportunities
      • In the meantime, there are a few organizations that have stepped forward as potential fiscal agents
      • Discussed possibility of membership of NCA, currently decided against fee structure, instead move forward as an affiliation with those organizations that are active in NCAN efforts; possibly revisit later in the year
    9. Adjournment


  1. Determine if AVO or Moonlight are available for April Quarterly Meeting – Robert Mance
  2. Determine if Museum of Making Music is available for April or July meeting – Carolyn Grant
  3. Preparing the agenda, format and speakers for April Quarterly Meeting – Arts Education Co-Chairs: Leah Goodwin and Lynnette Tessitore-Lopez
  4. Committee co-chairs need to notify Brigid of next meeting date/time and send minutes after – Committee Co-Chairs: Carl, Daniel, Leah, Lynnette, Jim, Naomi, Brigid, Margaret, Patricia, performing arts co-chairs
  5. Determine form and content for mapping info on website – Mapping Committee: Brigid, Margaret, Daniel
  6. Create mapping submission form on website – Brigid Parsons
  7. Add events to Facebook (as forwarded) – Margaret Chiaro
  8. Create and disseminate meeting minutes – Brigid Parsons