Arts Marketing/Audience Development Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.04.2015

Arts Marketing/Audience Development Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.04.2015

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Arts Marketing/Audience Development Committee Meeting
Artbeat on Main Street
330 Main Street, Vista, CA 92084



Friday, December 4, 2015, 1:00–2:30 pm

Host: Margaret Chiaro

Committee Members/RSVPs:

  • Margaret Chiaro
  • Chris Cochran
  • Daniel Foster
  • Gailee Walker Wells
  • Michael Rennie
  • Naimeh Tanha
  • Alex Ingram
  • Elizabeth Pace
  • Carolyn Grant
  • Lori Escalera
  • Rich Stergulz
  • Kait Matthews
  • Brigid Parsons
  • Jeannie Ortiz
  • Lin Holzinger
  • Robert Parker
  • Cherrie LaPorte
  • Alex Karvounis
  • Chuck MacPherson, absent
  • Anne Hall, absent
  • Patricia Frischer, absent

Meeting Notes:

  • Chris Cochran with Stone Brewery discussed the significance and growth of the craft brew industry in North County San Diego and the importance of the arts.
  • The was significant discussion and priority throughout the meeting to address the arts community’s (and NCAN’s) needs for a centralized shared marketing website in addition to a social media/networking capability.  A task force group was formed to move forward:  Rich Stergulz, Kait Matthews, Brigid Parsons, Michael Rennie, and Margaret Chiaro.
  • Kait Matthews purchased the domain name: in anticipation of efforts to develop a website ( is not available).  Thank you, Kait.
  • Discussions about NCAN and the need for and options on organization formation and funding.
  • The need for a 3-year strategic plan for the formation/development of NCAN is needed — to guide the effort/expectations and to pursue funding opportunities.  Several volunteered to assist in the strategic planning efforts of NCAN, as needed:  Carolyn Grant, Margaret Chiaro, Lori Escalera, Brigid Parsons, and Gailee Walker Wells.
  • Discussions about the need for co-chairs of the Marketing/Audience Dev. Comm.,  Rich Stergulz and Lin Holzinger volunteered to co-chair the committee — with additional offer of support from Kait Matthews (tbd).
  • Naimeh Tanha, Gailee Walker Wells, and Lori Escalera offered to support funding efforts for NCAN.
  • Gailee Walker Wells, Margaret Chiaro, and Brigid Parsons offered to support some of the administrative needs/efforts for NCAN that Daniel Foster currently handles.