Arts Funding/Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.03.2015

Arts Funding/Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.03.2015

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Arts Funding/Economic Development Committee Meeting
San Diego North Economic Development Council
950 Boardwalk, Suite 303, San Marcos, CA, 92078



Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, 10:30 am–12:00 pm

Host: Carl Morgan

Committee Members/RSVPs:

  • Carl Morgan
  • Daniel Foster
  • Amelia Xann
  • Robert Ford Mance
  • Jennifer Pena
  • Pam Smith
  • Elizabeth Castillo
  • Lynnette Tessitore-Lopez
  • Jerry Padgett, absent
  • Margaret Chiaro
  • Gailee Walker Wells
  • Jim Gilliam
  • Naomi Nussbaum
  • Elizabeth Pace
  • Brigid Parsons
  • Robert Parker, absent
  • Ted Snoddy, absent
  • Anne Hall, absent
  • Jacque Kilpatrick, absent
  • Sarah Villarreal, absent
  • Patricia Frischer

Meeting Notes:

  • A strong discussion about the importance of the Arts Prosperity Summit in partnership with SDNEDC.   Potential venue partners are CSUSM, California Center for the Arts, Escondido.
  • The Arts Summit should be on one ½ or full day aimed at the arts, civic and business communities in Spring 2017.  Other key constituents are the education and health sectors.
  • Although the Arts Summit needs to serve all committees of NCAN, there was the feeling that the Arts Funding/Econ. Dev. Comm. Is best positioned to develop this event/project.
  • Promote and develop “cultural districts” in North County.
  • Arts organizations need technical assistance on fundraising and opportunities
    • Access to a grants database that is widely distributed to NCAN organizations.
    • Assist arts organizations on fundraising capacity building (i.e. effective fundraising techniques, Board fundraising engagement, legacy society development, etc.).
  • Discussions about committee co-chairs and Robert Ford Mance, Jennifer Pena, and Elizabeth Castillo volunteered to provide their leadership, with additional support of Amelia Xann and Naomi Nussbaum.
  • NCAN could produce Funder Forums (panels of arts funders).
  • Research and share important demographic and North County arts impact statistics to strengthen funding requests of individual and collaborative proposals.
  • Be a resource and advocate for cities to develop sustainable arts funding methodologies.
  • Pursue cultural tourism partnerships
  • Pursue partnerships with targeted North County businesses
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Craft Brew companies (over 100 in North County).