Civic Arts/Public Art Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.02.2015

Civic Arts/Public Art Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.02.2015

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Civic Arts/Public Art Committee Meeting
Encinitas City Hall, Carnation Room
505 S. Vulcan, Encinitas CA 92024



Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 2:00–3:30 pm

Host/Co-Chair: Jim Gilliam

Committee Members/RSVPs:

  • Jim Gilliam, Co-Chair
  • Naomi Nussbaum, Co-Chair
  • Vincent Kitch, absent
  • Daniel Foster
  • Drew Cady
  • Brigid Parsons
  • Amelia Xann
  • Robert Parker, absent
  • Roberta Walker
  • James Enos
  • Julia Fister, absent
  • Megan Gilby
  • Ted Snoddy, absent
  • Brett Reisdorf, absent
  • Brett Haydn
  • Cherrie LaPorte, absent

Meeting Notes:

  • Discussions about the Arts Prosperity Summit opportunity with the SDNEDC and CSUSM:   Aim to Spring 2017 for summit; Develop targeted and tangible infrastructure and development programs for cities and corporations in North County.
  • Research and promote “cultural districts” in key communities in North County.
  • Convene the various city arts/public art commissions in North County to share work and best practices
  • Target one or two key local cities in North County to advocate for stronger city management priority and infrastructure for the arts (i.e. Oceanside).   
  • Advocate for professional cultural planning processes at key cities in No. County
  • Advocate for professional arts administration/staffing at key cities in No. County
  • Research and identify sustainable funding methodologies for the arts
  • Educate and train our arts organizations and local/regional arts communities to advocate effectively
  • Amelia Xann suggested arranging a site visit to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and key staff to discuss “best practices” of regional arts councils.
  • NCAN can be a forum on political campaigns in North County (i.e., hold a Candidates Forum with the three candidates running for County Supervisor in District 3, etc.)
  • Develop a regional overview of public arts projects/collections in North County.
  • Develop upcoming and younger arts leaders in the region.
  • Engage the massive long-term I-5 Fwy/Caltrans efforts that present opportunities for the arts community