Visual Arts Programming Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.01.2015

Visual Arts Programming Committee Meeting Minutes – 12.01.2015

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Visual Arts Programming Committee Meeting
San Diego Visual Arts Network
Home of Patricia Frischer
2487 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, 92007



Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 10:30 am–12:00 pm

Committee Members/RSVPs:

In Attendance:


  1. Daniel Foster gave a brief overview of NCAN including how we had met for a year which was a vital community building aspect of the project. We are now in the stage of moving forward with committees in six areas and working toward establishing a more formal steering committee/advisory which will work toward non-profit status with a board. Funding needs to be solidified for a full time admin role.
  2. Guided Fantasy focused on prioritized projects (collaboration, pr/website, registry, audience building, artist clusters.) The projects need to include limitation on volunteer hours, advocacy message, leveraged possibilities, education outreach, mentoring, funding, audience development and participation, pr attractiveness. These ideas will be presented to the other NCAN committees. 

    Guided Fantasy results:

    I have divided the conversations after the guided fantasy into two categories: aspects of the projects and project ideas. Full notes are below and give credit to participants.

    Aspects of project

    • One night event creating a sense of urgency to attend
    • Spectacular – not average
    • Food related
    • Mentoring aspect
    • Communal spaces that are multi-purpose and fluid
    • Balance of entertainment and popular versus solitariness of art
    • Seminar/conference

    Project Ideas

    • Billboard preferably electronic and able to change images often
      Open studios
    • Art Exhibition that rotate in business spaces
      Artist of the Month program
    • Art along the freeway and/or sprinter line
    • Uber for art – instant on demand
    • Arts Summit to business community demonstrating the value of the arts
    • Eat Your Art Out – Matching one organization to one restaurant county wide on one day, this could include open studios, galleries, museums, theater, any cultural gathering
    • Defining the new Art Patron Seminar/Conference

    Please send in your suggestions for other projects that you are PASSIONATE about and would volunteer for and/or choose one from the list above.

    Patricia’s extra suggestion: Work with gyms throughout NC to put up art and have art slide shows displayed on the treadmill display. This could create an active new audience. Sponsor a triathlon, where a competitor has to paint a picture, run a mile, create a poem.

    Summary dialogues

    • Diana – pulsating lights in Chicago airport, golden urn in glass case, upscale appliance outlets, we need to be spectacular – one night only event, sense or urgency
    • Julia – sculptures that you could go into, food smells,
    • Nadine – blue butterflies, bright yellow, preferred butterflies, Billboard with art
    • Moya – workroom all alone, wanting company, mentoring program, garden aspect with multiple use and multiple sensory experience. Open studios
    • Irene  green, grass, open spaces, museum space, entertainment and popular vs solitariness of art, art needs quiet space. Open studios project
    • Lin – quiet space with art and glowing, music and festive, art and garden tour or some sort of county wide event, food as art festival
    • Naomi – collaboration with NC Economic Development councils, bring art into the businesses, inclusive and rotating throughout the community
    • Daniel – Employee benefit programs, joint admission programs, Cal Trans widening of 5, art along the freeway, Collaboration between existing art organizations, artist of the month program, Art Walk,
    • Lorinorth county corridor sprinter line, bring it along the access routes, wants to learn and participate and have a high caliber, mentorship, research. Seminar and conference.
    • Cherrie  go to the people, master plan, bring it to the corporate and seniors, fluid space (Uber Art) Art Task Rabbit
    • PatriciaArts Summit to business community, Eat Your Art Out – One organization/one restaurant, Defining the new Art Patron Seminar
  3. Mapping, recruitment, and engagement of other NCAN VAP members. – free multiple listings on social media
  4. Scheduling next Committee meeting (date, time, and location TBD in January)
  5. NCAN Quarterly event on Thursday, January 21, 2016, 5:00 – 7:30 pm at Poway Center for the Performing Arts.