Performing Arts Programming Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

Performing Arts Programming Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

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Breakout Session Notes: by Jennifer Pena

– Introductions

– Question: What’s the #1 thing needed and what can they get out of NCAN?


  • How can Performing Arts Theaters promote each other? 
  • Co-market and cross-promote the performing arts in North County
  • Create a master list of all organizations so we can all cross promote
  • Ignored by San Diego
  • 1.3 million people in North County
  • 60% of the Poway Center for the arts, audience comes from Poway and surrounding cities
  • Shouldn’t worry about what San Diego is doing or what they think about North County –plenty of people in North County to market to
  • Focus on local papers
  • North County audience doesn’t want to go downtown
  • Need a NCAN website
  • Mentioned that CCAE had 6 sell out shows and a good portion of our audience traveled from Orange County & Los Angeles
  • Would like to see collaboration in filling unsold/empty seats – give tickets to other organizations rather than use Goldstar, etc.
  • Need to get the word out about all North County venues and performances to all of North County.  Example that South Carlsbad doesn’t go past Palomar Airport Road
  • Change the perception; we are just as sophisticated as Downtown
  • Would like to see a way for Producing and Presenting organizations to work together; presenting orgs. Need to book talent, producing orgs. Have talent to be booked
  • Feels a lot of plays and performances are redundant
  • Not focused on the changing demographic and putting on performances that speak to the Hispanic/Mexican community
  • Organizations are marketing to their current audience
  • Through NCAN we can expand our audiences
  • CCAE is privileged to have Education outreach programs that do reach the underserved/Mexican communities; it’s been a tool to get the students here which then brings their families
  • If we do have a show for the Mexican target audience, we find that they just don’t come
  • Would be helpful to have interns that represent the changing demographic
  • Have leaders in the community that reflect your audience
  • Engage people to find out the community needs/wants
  • CCAE focus to have performances/festivals with a cross appeal – not polarized

Question: What can we do collectively? NCAN website

  • List Serve similar to Cal Presenters
  • PA seminar – engage colleges, City, galleries, theaters, etc. – create  partnership which will build collaborations
  • Collaborative ad buys
  • For the consumer, create a one stop shop – somewhere they can buy tickets to various venues in one area, or one ticket to multiple shows – similar to what ArtsTix had done before.  Discussion that it would be difficult but is something NCAN may be able to work towards
  • Create a “Theater Month”; discussion that it would need to be themed so that it would make sense for all organizations. Ex. Americana Theme; Could work for 2016/17 season if everyone could sync calendars; would have the advantage of getting a Moonlight Patron to Intrepid for the first time – creates new audiences for organizations
  • Affordable or comp tickets for students; similar to CCAE student ticket initiative or preview nights at theaters
  • Advertise in each other’s house programs
  • Create  Facebook page
  • Have a single place where local North County talent is listed – helpful for presenting organizations or when booking acts for festivals, etc.
  • Question as to who from NCAN is going to facilitate and create website, master calendar, put all the ideas together…does it eventually become its own 501 c 3?