Civic/Municipal Arts Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

Civic/Municipal Arts Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

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Minutes of Meeting 4/16/2015

Approximately twenty people attended representing the following cities:  Del Mar, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista and Escondido.  The universal complaint was most of these cities lack the internal arts coordinator and community citizens found it challenging and frustrating to undertake any kind of local art project.  Facilitators recommended the following: 

  • voice your desire to institute (even a half-time) arts coordinator by writing to your City council and local Supervisor, citing your frustrations and your vision for a vibrant arts community supported by your City. 
  • A vibrant and active arts community is an economic driver enhancing cultural tourism for your City

Vista participants have a vision to create an arts district through collaboration with businesses.  These folks particularly stressed the importance of educating the young about the value of the arts.  They would like to integrate fully their majority Hispanic community into their arts element for their City.

Del Mar participants cited all art projects are volunteer based and major projects are funded through one or two local non-profit organizations. 

Oceanside participants made it clear that their frustration of not having an in-house arts coordinator hinders arts activities dramatically, despite their anchor arts facility, the Oceanside Museum of Art.  Their monthly ArtWalk needs greater publicity.

Escondido participants revealed their Second Saturdays is quite successful with participation of all galleries etc. making it a valuable event.  The Center for Arts is expanding this to include live music.

Suggestions and Visions by Participants:

  • Join Americans for the Arts – a comprehensive (national) resource for the arts
  • Approach your local Rotary Clubs for funding support
  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations to expand audiences, promotion etc.
  • Approach your City about utilizing abandoned city properties and/or City facilities to transform into visual and performing arts venues
  • Bring more international acclaimed caliber of artists to attract a greater audience
  • Create a website/listserv for NCAN to share resources, events, etc.
  • Institute more up-cycling for the creation of arts projects
  • Raise awareness about the value of the arts
  • Approach your local Chamber of Commerce to support the arts more