Arts Education Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

Arts Education Breakout Session Notes – 04.16.2015

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Group Members:

  • Garth Murphy, Encinitas Arts Culture & Ecology Alliance
  • Dana Stanford, CCAE Escondido Choral Arts
  • Terrilynn Quick, Art teacher, BVMS
  • Carol Rogers, Stone & Glass
  • Jeannie Ortiz, sculptor
  • Alexsandra Babic, artist
  • Jenny Steward, ArtHatch
  • Alessandra Colfi, art teacher & expressive arts therapist
  • Brian Gibson, Natural History Museum
  • Kate Beaver, Lux Art Institute
  • Spramani Elaun, Creative Director/Author
  • Marilyn Fraser, artist
  • Merryl Goldberg, CSUSM
  • Kathy MacLeod, North County Arts Project
  • Leah Goodwin, CCAE


  • Began breakout discussion with introductions. Our group consisted of arts educators, artists, and arts administrators. After introductions we all agreed that we are all working towards the same goal to further arts education.
  • Leah Goodwin: The Center wants to be a resource to all arts teachers & students. Student outreach is a top priority.
  • Merryl Goldberg: How can we draw more attention & make the argument for arts education and make a difference?
  • CEOs talk a lot about hiring candidates with arts backgrounds, but are they actually doing it? If so, this is a big ramification for arts education and its benefits. Merryl has been working with
  • A group member shared a personal story of meeting an executive from IBM on an airplane where he admitted that the creativity and ability of arts professionals is a huge asset when companies are looking to hire.
  • Funding – Schools receive and have Title I funding (funds designated to support schools in poverty and improve the school climate) – what are they doing with it?
  • Leah Goodwin: How can we further help and utilize each other’s capabilities? We need to look at our community and we need to find ways for us to reconnect.
  • The best way to stay connected with the Center is to sign up for our e-blasts.
  • The Center and the Lux Art Institute currently has a need for docents The Center is also in need of teachers with experience in art instruction for art field trips and the smART Festival which will take place in the Spring of 2016.