With folks confined to home, and many art institutions closed, access to art has been limited in some ways, but exploded in others.

Check out some of our local organizations that are stepping up to make sure that everyone has access to art!

Most of these resources are free or low cost.

Organizations Associated with the NCAN Board

City of Carlsbad

At-Home Art Projects,
Virtual Performing Arts Experiences, and
Virtual Tour of the Cannon Art Gallery

New Village Arts

Virtual Arts Series,
including unique streaming and live content from our social media pages, straight to you.

Museum of Making Music

Virtual Music Concerts and Talks

Oceanside Museum of Art

Virtual Tours and Lectures


Resources for Local Artists.


Livestream Talks

Organizations that Support NCAN


Resources from Cities along the 78 Corridor

Studio ACE

Free Art Kits
Virtual Demonstrations and Project Ideas
Recipes and How-To’s for Kids, Teens and Adults
Community Resources

And More…

MiraCosta College
California Center for the Arts
Be Creative Zone

Beyond the Region

Visit Museums
Broadway Shows
Film Festival, May 29 – June 7