Help for Directory Resources and Artist/Performers
This section is help for those who are listed in the NCAN directory.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a visitor to the site, please go to our FAQ page to make the most of the site

Any art resource, performer/artist resident in the North County of San Diego can make a listing in the NCAN directory. To do so, just join the NCAN community on Smorgborg  by clicking here. Once your organization profile is complete you may:

  1. Make changes in your Profile.
  2. Create, edit and delete an Event
  3. Create, edit and delete an Opportunity
  4. Create, edit and delete an Article

The system is designed to toggle between the Dashboard and the website and there are some short cuts on the top bar of the website under +NEW to add a blog posts, media pictures, events, and an opportunities.

How do I sign up to be in the directory of NCAN?

Both Art Organizations, Art Resources and Artist use the same form to appear in the NCAN Directory.  Got to the Create an Account page which can be found in the MORE drop down menu.

  • Create a login on Smorgborg by clicking here. This process will also create an Organization profile and link it to the NCAN community.
  • If you are an individual listing as a visual or performing artist just use your professional name as the Organization name. i.e. Jane Doe, Artist.
  • Be sure to enter things like logos, descriptions and URL’s to improve your profile.
  • Your application will need to be approved and this may take 24 hours.  In the meantime,  you can edit the listing, add events, opportunities and articles.

How do I edit my PROFILE in my directory listing ?

In the dashboard, when you click on Edit Profile on the left column, it will take you to a profile screen where all your information will be present in a form.

  • You can fill in missing  information or update information in  the form and update the form. with 
  • When you click on your photo, it will present you with a Upload Photo pop up. You can choose to change the photo via Upload Photo or cancel it.
  • Click the update profile button or the Tick button on right hand side to save your changes.

How do I login to NCAN?

The User can login from top menu bar in the MORE section. Click on Login and enter your user name and password. When you first log in you see this Preview of Dashboard which presents a Quick way of adding a Blog post

How do I travel between the website and the dashboard?

When you are on the website, hover over the upper left words “North County Arts Network” and the click on the drop down “Dashboard”. . When you are in the Dashboard, hover over those same words and click “Visit Site

How do I change my password?

In the dashboard, you can click on the Change Password on the left hand side and initiate a change password. You can choose to generate an auto password given by the system or you can choose your own in the following fashion.

How do I add an EVENT?

Events form the core of this system. You can list any number of events you want. You can customize the events and add your venues, organizers and any ticket values for the event.


In the dashboard, you can add an event by clicking the Add New button on the Events Menu on the left hand side.
PlEASE NOTE: You can always use Save Draft feature on the right hand side and edit the event at a future date.

  • Add the Name & Details of the Event
  • Add the Time, Date & Location  (choose Start and End Date of the Event. You can also choose the start and end Time of the Event. You can also declare it to be a Full day Event. PLEASE NOTE: When listing performances that are on varied days, please list the full run of the performance and add details of the days and time in the description. This will list the performance on every day, but the visitor can check the text or visit your website to see actual performance days and times.)
  • Define your Venue from the Dropdown and also enable Map location depending on the Venue you define.
  • Define your Organizers and Website (You can add multiple Organizers for the Event. You can choose or create a new organizer based on your requirement. Mention your website in the format of “”.
  • Enter your Cost (PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a third party URL for collecting fees, you can put this in here or in the text description.  SDNCAN doesn’t provide any mechanism for accepting payments. Ticket prices will just be informative.)
  • Add a Featured Image ( It is mandatory to choose an image. This image will be shown as the display image for your event at different places on the NCAN. Please use a high-resolution good quality image. When you set the featured image, you will be presented with a media library in which you can upload your own files or choose from the existing ones. After choosing one of the images, the “Set Featured image” tag on the page will be replaced by the chosen image.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Other images can be added in the text block of the description of the image.
  • Add an Event Category ( It is mandatory to define Event Categories as NCAN needs to differentiate between Performing Arts and Visual Arts Events. Please choose an appropriate category before publishing your events to the system.)

How do I add a series of events.

  • Each series is bases on the time of the day. So for example if you have a performance at 8 pm on three days a week, that is one series. A second series might be for matinees at 2 pm. A third series could be at 7 pm. Each series has to be listed separately.
  • Enter the start date and end date of a series as the same date. Add the start time and end time.
  • Go to the drop down to create a series. It is there that you add the days of the week and enter the end date of the entire series. For example: a performance could occur starting on July 11 at 8 pm and run until 11 pm. Then you might add, performance every Thurs. Fri and Sat until Aug 12. This is one series.
  • If there are exclusion when the performance is not happening on those days at that time, you can note this in the exclusion section.
  • The next series might also start on the same day, but be a different time, let’s say the matinee at 2 pm. Make sure and first enter it starting and stopping on the same day. Then enter the days that there are matinees (maybe Sat and Sun) in the drop down for making this a series. and remember then to alter the stop date.
  • Each series has to have its own duplicate listing. Each can be set with exclusions if needed.  An easy way to make a duplicate is to make the first series, then go into Events, find your event in the search box. At your event listing, hover over the title and an option comes up to duplicate. Click this and then edit that duplicate for the next set of events in the series.

How so I post an OPPORTUNITY?

Any opportunity you post will be available on the Opportunity section on the NCAN website.


In the dashboard, you can add an opportunity by clicking the Add New button on the Opportunity Menu on the left hand side.


  • Add the Name of the Opportunity and Details about the opportunity in the respective section
  • Use the drop down to select a choice for age, position and skills needed. You can hold down the shift key to make more than one selection
  • You can always use Save Draft feature on the right hand side and edit the opportunity at a future date.

How do I post a blog post?

You can add a blog post by clicking the Add New button on the POST Menu on the left hand side of the dashbaord.

  • Add Title and Description  (You can add Title of the Blog Post on the title area and choose to add the content of the blog post in the Visual Editor Section. You can also add pictures into the content of  your blog post by using the Add Media button.)
  • Add Category (NCAN has some predefined Catelogies for Blog Posts. You can choose anyone of it which suits your blog post.
  • Add Featured Image (You can upload your own-featured image  for the blog post or choose from the ones provided on NCAN. This will appear at the top of the blog post.
  • Publish your Blog Post (Once you have completed writing the content, you can choose to SAVE DRAFT and continue later. You can also choose to PUBLISH the post on NCAN. Once published, the Post will be available for Public Viewing on NCAN. You can also PREVIEW the post before publishing it.
    • On the Dashboard, go to ALL POSTS. Hover over the title and click view.
    • On the website, go to the top menu bar and click MORE to see the drop down menu and click on LOUD AND CLEAR to see a whole list of blog posts.
    • On the website, go to the bottom of the home page to see a list of blog posts
    • On the website, go to the right side menu of many pages on the site to see a list of blog post

How do I EDIT an event, opportunity or blog post?

To edit your Events go back to the dashboard and click ALL Events.
To edit your Opportunities go back to the dashboard and click ALL Opportunities.
To edit your Blog Post go back to the dashboard and click ALL Posts.

If you hover over the title of your the item to be deleted, two editing methods will appear (along with the trash – see deleting )

  1. The Quick Edit method allows you to change the date, time and categories of your item without opening up the blog post completely.
  2.  Editing is complete editing of the post, which will open a page similar to the creation page.
  3.  Remember to  update the item once the change is done.


How do I DELETE an event, an opportunity or a blog post?

Using the hover over, you can choose to view your event, opportunity or  blog post and  click to delete it by selecting trash.  You can delete more than one in the list at a time by clicking on the square to the left of the blog posts to activate the bulk actions and select Move to Trash. You can also go inside the Trash and delete it permanently.

How do I find more resources that might help me?

If you go to the MORE tab on the top menu bar, click for resources and you can click on Resources for Arts Institutions/Organizations. There you will see articles about various county, state and national resources to help your organization.

If you go to the MORE tab on the top menu bar, click for resources and you can click on  Resources for Artists There you will see articles about various county, state and national resources to help you as an artist.

If you go to the MORE tab on the top menu bar, click for resources and you can click on  Resources for Arts Businesses There you will see articles about various county, state and national resources to help you as an business.

If you go to the MORE tab on the top menu bar, click for resources and you can click on Resources for Arts Instructors. There you will see articles about various county, state and national resources to help you as an art instructor.   

You can also do a search in the NCAN directory for keyword for all sorts of services in North County.

How do I log out?

 Look for the shortcut Square with the right pointing arrow at the top right  hand side for Logging out of the system. Or go to the top menu, click on MORE and LOGOUT. Some of our user may have two or more directory listings. For example one as the administrator of an art organization or art business and another as an artist or performer. If you have two listings you will need to log in and log out to make changes on the individual listings.