Civic Arts

The NCAN Civic Arts Committee is led by Jim Gilliam, Vincent Kitch and Naomi Nusbaum.

The purpose of this committee is to explore how to connect and enhance the Arts in North County cities and towns.

  • Local Municipal/City Arts Professionalization/Development
    • Formal Cultural/Public Art Planning & Development
    • Professional City Arts Administration Development
    • Sustainable Funding Methodologies for the Arts
    • Advocacy/Lobbying Campaign
    • Leadership Development
  • Goals with SD North Economic Development Council Partnership
  • Promotion of North County Public Art Collections/Opportunities
  • North County Cultural Districts Opportunities/Development
  • Caltrans Freeway Projects/Wayfinding

How you can be involved:

To see more details about the organizations that are working with NCAN, take a look at the Directory.